Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mars V/S Venus

My head is bursting after watching the movie last night. Not just the missing sleep but watching the dumb emotional senti film to please my girl friend has been so irritating. Man! How can one sit three hours and watch those aunties howl and cry? I have made up my mind. I would tell my girl friend I won't tolerate such nonsense not just in movies and TVs but in real life too. Aww common, death is such a natural thing, being poor is not such a big deal, why should these girls always think as if the world is on their shoulders! I hate girls!

Let me get off with my buddies. I will just escape for the day with the boys and hit the road. I want to get some dating advice too. God I don't wanna miss my fun. My friends are leaving in an hour and I have made plans with them.

Oh damn! Where is my backpack? Gosh! I have left it at aunty's last week and forgot. Now what? I wanted to buy a new one, Dad has given me the money, but yaar, where is the time? What the heck! I will borrow from sis. Hope she doesn't create a scene, crying and all that. I hate these fussy females. Let her carry some other bag to school. Kya farak padta hai?

First let me tell my friends to wait for me, else I will be stuck with these dumb boring feelings and headache. Oh Mom! Have you seen my charger? No Mom, my cell is not charged, I can't find the damn charger. Did you come to my room? Did you try to clean up my room? Mom how many times have I told you not to touch anything here. If you clean up I can't find my things. What? You have not come? Then where the hell did the charger go? How am I gonna call my friends?

Dad, can I borrow your car? Dad ??? Mom, where is Dad? Oh what happened Dad? Having cold? Mom, after you finish giving massage to Dad will you check where my charger is? And Dad since you are not feeling well can I take your car? What? No petrol in the car? You forgot? Oh man, how could he be so irresponsible?

Me? Go to pharmacy now? No way mom. My friends would be waiting and I am already late. Mom why don't you go? OK you finish the massage and after preparing breakfast you will be free whole day no? Don't bother me on the only Sunday I have. When should I enjoy? And what about my breakfast? Mom I am starving!

Oh yes, I forgot. Mom my friend Vijay's parents have gone to their native and he would be joining us for lunch and even veeru may drop in. They love your Biriyani Mom. Make it hot and spicy. What? OK Mom, for Dad, you prepare Dal Chawal, but for me you must prepare Biryani. And yes make Egg curry too. No Mom, don't tell me to go shopping for eggs NOW! Where is sis? Ask her to bring.

Has she gone for Dance classes? OMG, I could have borrowed her bike. Oh here she is. Sis, I wanna take your bike today. No yaar, I am taking it. You go by bus.Oh yeah? Common, heaven is not going to fall if you miss tuition for a day. Or call some stupid girl from your class.

Now what Mom? people won't allow me one minute of peace. Why is everybody so fussy? Dad wants money from ATM? And I should bring petrol for his car too? And get medicine? Oh c'mon Mom, he is just having cold and cough. You work both at office and home even when you are running temperature. You get your own medicine. In fact you get cured even without medicine. I don't remember when you were sick last time. You have given Dad massage, arranged for him to take steam, made kashaya and what else? Don't make fuss Mom, he will be alright. Gawd How I hate these senti women!

Sis, come here, Mom and Dad want some help. Kiddo, go and do it. By the way before you start with them just help me to find my charger. I know, I know it will be in my room, but I can't find it man. I don't know where the hell that damn thing has fallen. Eh, be careful with my laptop and tab, I am on Facebook, don't let it get disconnected. And sweety, can you just make Maggi for me. I can't wait till Mom gets done with Dad's work. Oh yeah add some veggies too. Hey don't overcook it. I don't want to eat soggy Maggie haha...

I hope my girlfriend won't call me today. Just because her internship starts tomorrow, she expects me to help her with her things, drop her to her office. Gosh these girls! They are so damn dependent. Why don't these stupid girls be independent and learn to do things themselves. But yaar, I should handle her carefully. I don't want that silly girl getting senti and all and crying and creating a scene. Why these girls are not like we boys?

Hey sis, make it fast. I am starving. No I can't eat on the way. There is no Mcdi on the way and I don't want to eat that stupid idly there. Where is my wallet Mom? Mom I want five hundred bucks. I know I know, don't start preaching. Oh don't bring “See your sis” and all that Mom.

OH gawd! Why did he create this feminine species? They are so fussy, senti and dependent. Thank God we are not like that!!!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Laughter The Best Medicine

Where all that laughter has gone? Remember those giggles you shared in the class room? Remember how you laughed and laughed with your friends during combined studies, holding your sides, till tears started rolling down your cheeks? Then surely you must remember the reason for that laughter. No? Try again. At least can you remember the last time you laughed like that recently ? Where do we lose that light mirth which makes us laugh at silliest possible reasons.In this bittersweet life it is the laughter which is the real elixir of life.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Sleeping Dog



Whenever my two children demanded for a pet dog, I had resisted. With both of us working, taking care of the children and managing the household work made us refuse to give in to the children's demand. But once the children grew up, with the son becoming a software engineer and the daughter also aspiring to get into the software field, our tensions and worries had reduced. And when the daughter assured me that she will take the full responsibility of the dog, I had no reason to refuse. For a few days there were discussions, arguments over the selection of the breed, selection of the name for the new arrival, about his food, bed, sleeping bag, with thrilled sounds of laughter and shrieks of dis-agreement. Ultimately it was decided that we will have a month year old pug.Thus POGO arrived at our home on 11.11.11.


Within no time POGO became the darling of the house. Though I am working in Life Insurance in India [ life insurance ] and hardly get time to indulge in computer, TV games and YouTube  I always managed to find some time to spend with Pogo  I would sacrifice my yoga, cut down my physical exercise, back exercise and stomach exercise as I thought the pleasure and activity that I had in Pogo's company was more than making up the loss. Even my children would cut down their gym exercises and aerobic exercises. Everybody wanted the only form of activity [ exercise ] i.e.playing with Pogo.
Dog Sleeping always
Now Pogo has became an integral part of our family. He won our hearts and love with his cute antics, caring attitude and innocent and love filled eyes. He always elevates our moods and cheers us up! Since his arrival there has never been dearth of laughter and a dull moment in our lives.

But what has been most amusing is his never ending sleep. At every given opportunity, he sleeps. Initially we all were worried. I even checked with the Google if there was anything wrong with him. When I searched Wikipedia I got no message. How is it possible? Has nobody is having this problem and why nobody has searched the net for this?
Then I started more intensive analysis and realized and learnt from other pet owners that dog sleeping is a most natural phenomena. The dogs naturally need that much sleep. Even when their beds are not so comfortable, they won't mind sleeping, but when they get your lap or comfortable bed then nothing like it!


Seeing my worries, some friends suggested that we take our pug for walking and jogging to keep it active. But that made him all the more tired and sleepy. There were some free online coaching on how to train the dogs and keep them active. I had had a Back Pain Operation and in my rehab plan I could not do my weight loss exercises, or do my work or studies. The doctor had advised me to take utmost care in treatment of my back about food, water and exercises. So I channelized all my energy in keeping Pogo active and healthy.
Instead of sleeping in his presence I have started being very active, go on frequent small walks, take him to terrace to mend my little terrace garden etc. All the while he is with me in my activities, he also participates by sniffing at the pots, picking objects and balls and inviting me to play. This has in fact helped me a lot in my rehab program. But whether his sleeping habits have changed? No sir, he will do everything, but the moment you turn your back or sleep, he will snore !

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

When will the children grow up and become matured?

We always think that we are living life on our terms, creating and reacting to the situations as we wish and that nothing drastic can happen to us, at least as long as we are careful.How far from truth it can be! He, up there, holds the strings of our lives and decides what should happen and when and pulls the strings and here we will be dancing to His tunes. We, both myself and my husband were quite disciplined in our food habits, exercise regime and were under the impression that we had taken good care of our health.
This myth was shattered one fine(?) day when my husband had unbearable abdominal pain. Of late he had been having it occasionally, which he would diagnose (?) as acidity or gastric conditions and some fasting would solve the problem. But this time the onslaught was so sudden and intense that he started rolling on the floor clutching at his tummy and vomiting in between. It was horrifying to see him in that pathetic condition. When we called his friend Mr.Surendra Hiremath, a dermatologist working at Bangalore Hospital, he asked us to rush to hospital as it appeared to be a case to be referred to a surgeon.
That started it. My husband was taken for x-ray, scanning and other tests and when we were asked to deposit Rs.10000 immediately, we knew that it was going to be a stay for at least 2-3 days. When I called my daughter at home, who was readying the bed for her dad when he returns after the checkup  was full of tears. I assured, albeit falsely that we would be home latest by next day, but ultimately it turned out a long stay of ten days at hospital, during which period my husband was diagnosed as having gallbladder stones, which had inflamed the pancreas. So before removing the gall bladder, the condition of the pancreas had to improve, which took six days, through endoscope the fact that there are no stones in duct had to be ensured, which took another 2 days and finally on 8 th day he was operated upon and we came back home on 10 th day.
But those 10 days had their own funny moments, positive instances, and cherishable memories.
We were both in awe and reassured in the presence of the  gastroenterologist Dr.Praveen, who appeared to be very strict and tough taskmaster but his eyes twinkling
through  his glasses would give away his witty humorous nature. When he explained first that gall bladder had to be removed, I asked him what happens next. Straight faced, he replied, “ When you demolish a house, what remains there? A vacant site! That’s what happens here.” Then I asked what if there is unauthorised encroachment, he re-assured that there will be proper fire-wall and fencing and there is no need to worry. But he did warn that burping may continue as long as there is gas in the body, and that he is also having occasional bouts of them, when his wife leaves him but returns after 2-3 days! His best advice was to avoid four types of meals :  marriage, festival, ceremony and griha pravesh and even at home to listen to the lengthy intestine and not two inch tongue ! On another day, after scanning, when I enquired about the size and number of stones, as friends and visitors have been enquiring about  them and I was unaware, he advised “  It is not your bank balance which you need to count or boast of, just ignore it! ”  
  After the operation, due to the anesthesia effect, my husband was uttering something inaudible, and though we had trouble in making sense of them, at times we could not control our laughter. As he had been on drips for 8 days, he must have been thinking and dreaming about food and hotels, so once when I asked him if there was any pain, he blurted, ”Dr.Praveen is dancing on a table in Roti Ghar !”

 As it was very important that post operation, all organs take over their respective functions, doctors and nurses were monitoring everything very closely. When I was sitting and chatting with my husband and children on the day after operation, a nurse came and asked my husband whether he could urinate and my husband replied in the affirmative. Already a bemused look was appearing on our children’s  face, then she asked “ How much ? 200ml ”  My husband, a little dismayed, replied “normal”. Then her face cleared as she muttered “oh 300ml . That day we realized the measure of normal urination but could not help giggling when my husband commented “ How do I know? A few drops might have fallen when I get up !”.

 But the best comment came from my children after the operation when they commented that they have learnt so much during those ten days. They together had taken charge of everything: physical, financial and emotional. Before operation even though my son was getting late to work and daughter to her college and their mobile alarm would be ringing, we had to shout several times for them to get up and get ready. Even if one time a day I could not cook their favorite dish, they would fret and fume but here they were, getting up at 5.30, taking care of our pet dog Pogo, managing all the household work  and cooking, taking night shifts at hospital, and still always trying to cheer us up, and insisting that we both eat and sleep properly.

 So I realized that it was not what they have learnt during this period - as the life would have given them the responsibility and opportunity to learn things naturally anyway - it was I who have learnt the biggest lesson of my life, that I need not unnecessarily worry and fear about my children’s capacity to learn and manage things but also to adopt to the situations.

 Life is the biggest teacher.